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TRUTH BE KNOWN-By Any Means Necessary CD

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Country : Singapore
Genre : Grindcore
Release date : November 15th, 2014

成軍與2005的TRUTH BE KNOWN,以他們兇猛、和具有攻擊力十足的現場演出而受邀和多只國際樂團如King Parrot, Heaven Shall Burn, Defiled,Truth Corroded, Born From Pain, Kvelertak同台演出, 並且也多次到台灣,馬來西亞,泰國,印尼等國家巡迴。

TRUTH BE KNOWN 的音樂是深受80-90年代死亡金屬(Deathmetal)龐克(Punk)和碾核(Grindcore)影響,並且將它們於樂團對社會議題的觀感融合一起。

2014年,新吉他手,SELVAM (EX- RUDRA)的加入和前鼓手Gene 的歸隊後,TRUTH BE KNOWN 再次推出新專輯,"BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY"

Tracklist :

1.No Longer an Excuse 02:04  

2.Ambiguous Truth 01:37  

3.A Song for the Masses 01:31  

4.Life Kills You 01:30  

5.Misguidance 01:11  

6.Clusterphobia 02:15  

7.I Am Done 02:52  

8.Timojin 02:44  

9.Disarming All Reason 01:18  

10.Straight Jacketed and Fucked 02:17  

11.My Dog's Asshole 00:22  

12.Open Up Your Mind 02:47  

13.Ode to Maling 02:25  

14.Throwback 05:04  

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