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-信用卡(VISA、Mastercard、JCB) / 1%手續費

-網路ATM轉帳 / 1%手續費

-ATM自動櫃員機 / 1%手續費

-ATM轉帳 / 免手續費

-超商條碼(7-11、全家、萊爾富、OK)  / 1%手續費

-超商取貨付款(7-11 OR 全家) *請參考下面圖示說明

-店面自取+付款  / 免手續費

Foreigners live in Taiwan

-"Cash On Delivery Only" for 7-11 or FamilyMart (we recomend)

*very important to write the TW mobile number with 10 digits Ex: 09xxxxxxxx .


International customer

-Paypal / +fee 5%

*We offer payments in USD, Euro, and JPY. However, we recommend that you use TWD to pay, Because of the exchange difference, it will be cheaper than other currencies.

*Orders will be cancelled if payment is not received within 3 days.