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Payment / 付款方式


-信用卡 (VISA、Mastercard、JCB)、Samsung Pay、Google Pay 、超商條碼 / 2.8% 手續費

-ATM轉帳 / 台灣PAY 免手續費 (請在下單六小時內完成匯款)

-店面自取+付款  / 免手續費 ( 請在三日內完成交易)

-超商取貨付款 (7-11,全家,萊爾富) / 免手續費

-超商條碼繳費 (7-11,全家,萊爾富,OK) / 2.8% 手續費 *付款後的第五天才會入帳

-LINE PAY / 3.15% 手續費

Foreigners live in Taiwan

-"Cash On Delivery at convenience store" (7-11, FamilyMart and Hi-Life)

-"Barcode pay at convenience store"  (7-11, FamilyMart , Hi-Life, OK‧MART) **We will receive the payment the fifth day after you make the payment

*very important to write the TW mobile number with 10 digits Ex: 09xxxxxxxx .

-VISA、Mastercard、JCB、Union Pay(銀聯卡)、Samsung Pay、Google Pay  / +fee 2.8%

International customer

-Paypal / +fee 5.5%

-VISA、Mastercard、JCB、Union Pay(銀聯卡)、Samsung Pay、Google Pay  / +fee 2.8%

*Orders will be cancelled if payment is not received within 6 hours. 


Step for Cash On Delivery at convenience store (Taiwan Domestic ONLY)


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