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1.至門市消費滿五百元即可申請 → 2.立即發卡  → 3.即享卡惠







Ψ 每消費NT$300元可累積紅利點數1點(以實際結帳金額計算) 積點方式:$1元=1點 ,任何消費皆可積點,包括學費、寄賣商品、任何票卷。




Ψ補發申請新卡,須本人攜帶身份證明文件(國民身份證或駕照或健保卡) 親至門市辦理,經門市人員驗證會員身份無誤後(須為會員本人:同原註冊之姓名和手機號碼或住家電話),始得受理。


Ψ 累積紅利點數如遭他人盜用折抵,恕不提供點數回復,敬請妥善保管您的會員卡。





Ψ如有個人資料之異動、查詢,請親洽各門市,由專人服務,以免影響您會員專屬優惠之權益。 恕不接受手機、電話、email、網路社群查詢卡片資料或更改。

Ψ如要停止刪除會員之需要, 請攜帶會員卡親洽門市辦理,或把會員卡寄回本店。



(Physical store members are not the same as online shop members  and can't be used in combination.)

Application process (for purchases over $500 TWD)
1. Apply to a store for purchases over $500 TWD → Apply immediately→ 3. Enjoy the card

Exclusive benefits
You can enjoy membership's irregular offer and accumulate bonus points and discounts

ΨAfter successfully become a member, you will be invited by e-mail to the exclusive our member LINE group to enjoy irregular offer.

Ψ 20% off discount on monthly birthdays (Excluding  Pre-order, Records(MC/CD/LP) , special offers, discounted merchandise,second hand, combination with other offer ,consignment goods, and concert ticket).Include our releases.

* New members to join, can be used in the next purchases.

Bonus points to use
The way to accumulate bonus points: $1 TWD = 1 Point. For every $300 TWD , you can accumulate 1 bonus point (based on the actual checkout amount). Any purchases can be accumulated

Ψ Discount with bonus points : 300 points to $1 TWD. (Excluding rent venues, music curse, consignment goods,Pre-order, discounted merchandise, other discount coupons, any concert ticket)

Lost, damaged, reissue agreement of membership card
The card is permanently valid. If the card is lost or damaged, you need to pay $100 TWD for the replacement. Please keep it properly. We don't accept reports of phone calls, emails, online social media community information loss and reissue.

Ψ Apply for a new card, you must bring your identity document (National ID card or driver's license ) to our store for verification. Will deal with after verifying the identity of the member through the store staff (must be the member's own person: name and phone number registered ).

If a member card is lost, stolen, or occupied by a third person, please contact our store to report the loss. The card will automatically expire after the loss reporting process is completed.

If you accrue bonus points for fraudulent use, you will not be provided with credits. Please keep your membership card in a safe place.

The new card will save the personal data, bonus points, and all "content of the original membership card."

Card convention
Ψ This card is limited to the member himself, is limited to the use physical store of Pub Metal Shop, please show this card when you checkout

Ψ Bonus point discounts are to the next purchase and can't be converted into cash or used by others. In order to protect your rights and interests, please don't accumulate points such as your membership card number or phone number and other personal data through public communication such as emails or online social media. If any of the above behaviors are discovered, we will retain improper bonus points. Points deducted and terminated membership card rights.

ΨIf you have any personal information or inquiries about personal data, please contact physical store of Pub Metal Shop in person and provide special services so as not to affect the rights and interests of membership. We don't accept for the consultation or modify the data of the card through cell phones, telephones, emails, or internet community

If you want to cancel the membership card, please bring your membership card to the store or send the membership card back to the store.

ΨThis shop reserves the right to amend, change and suspend or terminate activities

Pub Metal Shop
B1F., No.10, Aly. 1, Ln. 136, Kunming St., Wanhua Dist.,
Taipei City 10845,

Telefon: +886 2 23887018

 (Tue-Wed&Fri 4pm - 9:00pm, Sat-Sun 2pm-9:00pm)

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