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  • Nile - In Their Darkened Shrines 2LP

NILE-In their darkened shrines 2LP

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Country : USA
Genre : Brutal/Technical Death Metal
Release date : August 20th, 2002
Version desc . : 1x12 vinyls / Limited Edition, Reissue 2023, Green [Kelly] With Black Pinwheels And Doublemint, Black And Neon Green Splatter


Nile是新舊金屬派的完美結合,將兇猛的力量和驚人的技術實力與令人著迷的動態和響度歌曲融合在一起,提供了確鑿的證據證明死亡金屬中還存在著生命。在他們的《IN THEIR DARKENED SHRINES》中,融合了樂團標誌性的中東氛圍、宏偉的交響曲、速度和強度,以及迄今為止最史詩般雄心勃勃的作品。

Tracklist :

A1.        The Blessed Dead

A2.        Execration Text

A3.        Sarcophagus

A4.        Kheftiu Asar Butchiu

B5.        Unas Slayer Of The Gods

B6.        Churning The Maelstrum

C7.        I Whisper In The Ear Of The Dead

C8.        Wind Of Horus

D9.        Hall Of Entombent

D10.        Invocation To Seditius Heresy

D11.        Destruction Of The Temple Of The Enemies Of Ra

D12.        Ruins

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