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MORTEM-De Natura Daemonum CD

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Country :Peru
Genre : Death Metal
Release date : April 13th, 2005
Version desc . : 1CD

來自南美洲祕魯國家死亡金屬MORTEM,高水準的惡魔讚美詩,最純的死亡金屬樂團之一,擁有POSSESSED、MORBID ANGEL、 SLAYER、DEATH等早期古老風格。

Tracklist :
1.Into the Nethermost  01:28
2.De Natura Daemonum  03:11
3.Black Demons  04:29  
4.Shadows That Pray to Asurah  05:32  
5.Qarqacha, Demon of Incest  01:21  
6.Dead Forms of Evil  04:03
7.One with the Dead  04:17  
8.Illusion of Blood  05:02  
9.Its Tomb Leads to Hell  04:46  
10.The Witch  01:32  instrumental
11.Superstition  05:32

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