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Death-The Sound Of Perseverance TAPE

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Country : USA
Genre : Death Metal (early); Progressive Death Metal (later)
Release date : August 31st, 1998
Version desc . :  1 MC, Reissue 2021, white shell


Death樂團由傳奇+首腦吉他手/主唱Chuck Schuldiner創立 ,在1998年發行了其最後一張錄音室專輯《The Sound Of Perseverance》,受到全球金屬頭的廣受好評 。《The Sound Of Perseverance》是金屬真正的開拓者和創新者之一,且精湛技藝,確實值得宣布其原始版本('98)的崇拜和讚譽。

Tracklist :
A1.Scavenger Of Human Sorrow
A2.Bite The Pain
A3.Spirit Crusher
A4.Story To Tell
B1.Flesh And The Power It Holds
B2.Voice Of The Soul
B3.To Forgive Is To Suffer
B4.A Moment Of Clarity
B5.Pain Killer (Judas priest Cover)

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