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Death-The Sound Of Perseverance 2CD

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Country : USA
Genre : Death Metal (early); Progressive Death Metal (later)
Release date : August 31st, 1998
Version desc . :  2xCD, Reissue, Remastered, 2011

Death樂團由傳奇+首腦吉他手/主唱Chuck Schuldiner創立 ,在1998年發行了其最後一張錄音室專輯《The Sound Of Perseverance》,受到全球金屬頭的廣受好評 。《The Sound Of Perseverance》是金屬真正的開拓者和創新者之一,且精湛技藝,確實值得宣布其原始版本('98)的崇拜和讚譽。

現在經過重新製作、重新包裝,以一個多小時並收錄了以前未發行的早期DEMO曲目為特色 ,這是一張永恆經典的權威版本,而不是"最後",Death never die!

Disc 1
1.Scavenger of Human Sorrow  06:54  
2.Bite the Pain  04:30
3.Spirit Crusher  06:45  
4.Story to Tell  06:34  
5.Flesh and the Power It Holds  08:26  
6.Voice of the Soul  03:43  instrumental
7.To Forgive Is to Suffer  05:55  
8.A Moment of Clarity  07:23  
9.Painkiller (Judas Priest cover)  06:03  

Disc 2
1.Spirit Crusher 06:55  instrumental
2.Flesh and the Power It Holds 08:21  instrumental
3.Voice of the Soul 03:30  instrumental
4.Bite the Pain 04:27
5.A Moment of Clarity 06:37
6.Story to Tell 06:39
7.Scavenger of Human Sorrow 06:48
8.Bite the Pain 04:31
9.Story to Tell 06:36
10.A Moment of Clarity 06:34

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