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Cryptopsy - None so vile Tape PMS-001

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album “None so vile” of Cryptopsy, a great album more important for the brutal/technical death metal band from Canada. First official reissued on cassette with 6 different color cassette shells, under exclusive license from Cryptopsy.

"Taiwan newly launched label Pub Metal Shop announce first release – Cryptopsy" by Unite Asia

Country : Canada
Genre : Brutal/Technical Death Metal
Release date : August 3rd, 2018
Version desc . : MC (Red/Green/White/Blue/Yellow/Turquoise)
Catalog # : PMS-001

Tracklist :

A1.Crown Of Horns
A2.Slit Your Guts
A3.Graves Of The Fathers
A4.Dead And Dripping

B5.Benedictine Convulsions
B8.Orgiastic Disembowelment