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Critical Defiance-"No Life Forms" TAPE (PMS-019)

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Country :Chile
Genre : Thrash Metal
Release date : 2022/08/20
Version desc . : Limited edition to 100 copies
Catalog # : PMS-019

Under License From Critical Defiance ©℗ 2022

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Critical Defiance2019年的首張專輯" Misconception "帶來了令人震驚的鞭金破壞性,將高速演奏與灣區元素旋律相結合。現在他們延續至第二張作品"No Life Forms",樂團沒有放緩的跡象,從開場歌曲中可以清楚地聽到,這三年來的進化,完善他們的陣容,也收集另一次全面進攻所需的大量能量。這張專輯是一場旋風中的旋風,Tom Araya式的咆哮聲,以及從不會錯過任何一個節拍或放慢節奏。漂亮主奏部分和令人難忘的副歌會讓你陷入困境並打破殘酷。第二張全長錄音專輯《No Life Forms》,Critical Defiance 超越了自己,製作了必將成為 2022 年最佳鞭金專輯之一。

If you like your new-school thrash to sound old-school as fuck, look no further than Critical Defiance. On their upcoming sophomore album, No Life Forms, the Ol band rips through 10 songs of gloriously ’80s riffage in just a shade over a half hour. I can hear nods to Sepultura, Death Angel, Kreator and Slayer, but Critical Defiance combine those influences into a sound that’s their own. No Life Forms is tight, groovy, fast, and forever marching forward on a path of destruction.

The album’s second track, “The Last Crusaders…Bringers of Death,” was released as a standalone single earlier this year, and now Decibel is able to exclusively share its vicious follow-up, “Kill Them with Kindness.” Guitarists Javier Salgado and Mauricio Toledo trade a thrilling series of razor-sharp riffs across its three-and-a-half-minute runtime, but don’t sleep on the song (and perhaps the album’s) real MVP, drummer Rodrigo Poblete. His playing is muscular and pummeling but not without nuance, and his cymbal work on “Kill Them with Kindness” is particularly impressive.

“We are Critical Defiance, a band that plays traditional thrash metal in its purest form,” they tell Decibel. “Our aim is to bring you loud and rageful music that makes you want to headbang, clench your fists and smash your head. We bring violent riffs and harmonic sections that seek to bring you a complete thrash experience!

“Throughout our history we have released two full length albums, Misconception and No Life Forms, in which we have been able to materialize our feelings of rage, hate and discontent against the self destructive actions of mankind. Our songs are a reflection of how the world is going to shit and how humans are heading towards our own extinction.”

English info by DECIBEL

Tracklist :
A1. A World Crumbling Apart  01:51
A2. The Last Crusaders... Bringers of Death!  03:29
A3. Altering the Senses  02:01
A4. Dying Breath  03:25
A5. Elephant  03:27
B6. Edge of Consciousness  02:21
B7. Kill Them with Kindness  03:09
B8. Warhead (Emotional Fallout)  03:21
B9. We Were Never Here to Stay  00:44
B10. No Life Forms  05:31

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