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Crescent Lament (恆月三途)-Land of Lost Voices / 噤夢 CD A5 DIGIPAK

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Country : Taiwan
Genre :  Folk/Gothic Metal
Release date : December 11th, 2020
Version desc . : A5 CD DIGIPAK x1

Land of Lost Voices is the third album of Crescent Lament, released in 2020. A sequel to their second album, the story continues from where Elegy for the Blossoms left off: the unfinished romance between A-hiong and her lover. Using the red thread of fate that binds the star-crossed lovers, this concept album fishes out from the river of time a heartrending tale of Taiwanese people—for all to see.

Land of Lost Voices was recorded and produced by Jesse Liu (Chthonic’s guitarist), mixed by Sweetspot Studio in Sweden, and mastered by Finnvox Studios in Finland. The band collaborated with Bu-hiông, the winner of Best Lyrics of Golden Melody Awards, in writing the Taiwanese lyrics, and invited the illustrator KCN again to design a noir yet oriental album cover, a visual metaphor for a series of historical tragedies that battered Taiwan in the post-WWII era.

【噤夢】是 Crescent Lament 推出的第三張專輯。該專輯以終戰後國民政府來台前期的台灣社會為背景,除了在音樂上融入更豐富的民俗樂器,也將上張專輯【花殤】的主角阿香再度帶入歌曲中,藉著藝妲阿香與戀人明風兩人未完的緣分,娓娓道出歷史洪流中台灣人民遭遇的悲傷故事。



「今夜又是落雨暝,雨聲藏哀悲;手彈琵琶淚抹停,風中寂寞時。」出自肺腑的字字句句,勾勒出歷歷在目的鮮明畫面。Crescent Lament 第三張專輯 -【噤夢】,2020年正式發行。

Tracklist :

1.魘臨 Gnawing Nightmare  01:17  (instrumental)
2.念伊人 Another Night of Solitude  05:04
3.暮山船影 Ominous Shadows  05:17  
4.夢空 Empty Dream  04:49
5.初霜花 Frosty Flower at Dawn  04:42  
6.雁紛飛 Vortex of Collapse  04:35  
7.灰月漸明 Where Ashen Moonlight Shines  04:00  (instrumental)
8.破鏡緣 Once Shattered Mirror  05:14  
9.北城風雨 Northern Storm  05:10  
10.孤燈微微 By the Lone Light  05:37  
11.汐別 Tides of Time  01:25  (instrumental)

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