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Crescent Lament (恆月三途)-Elegy for the Blossoms / 花殤 CD DIGIPAK

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Country : Taiwan
Genre :  Folk/Gothic Metal
Release date : June 20th, 2015
Version desc . : CD DIGIPAK x1

Elegy for the Blossoms is the second album of the Taiwanese folk metal band Crescent Lament, released in June 2015, which recounts a story based on the life of Taiwanese geishas in the late Japanese period and early Chinese Nationalist Party period in Taiwan’s history—behind their smiles when greeting the clients, the geishas could not help but feel helpless, since they had no say over their own lives.

Elegy for the Blossoms was written in Taiwanese, and blends Taiwanese history, culture, and metal metal, while using traditional Taiwanese and Japanese instruments to create a sorrowful yet beautiful atmosphere.

The album cover was designed by well known Taiwanese illustrator KCN, with a modern retroactive image.

【花殤】是 Crescent Lament 的第二張專輯,於2015年發行。專輯訴說著一位台灣藝妲–阿香–的辛酸故事,發生在日治時代後期、至國民政府來台初期的大稻埕。



Tracklist :

01. 晴雨 / Sedative Rain 01:22 (instrumental )                                        
02. 月映西窗 / Lullaby of Sanctuary 04:56                          
03. 風月場 / A Mental Escape 04:34                                  
04. 繁花落盡 / Last Embrace  04:42                                  
05. 殘香 / Flavor of Emptiness 04:17                                  
06. 尪仔面 / Masked Doll  04:14                                        
07. 煙花易寒 / Once Blossomy 04:52                                  
08. 風.聲起 / Autumn Rustle 03:17 (instrumental )                                  
09. 梧桐落 / When Leaves Buried the Promise  05:45        
10. 還君明珠 / Just Not Meant to Be 06:22 

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