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Bloody Tyrant-Myths of the Islands LP / 暴君-島嶼神話 黑膠

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Country : Taiwan
Genre : Black/Folk Metal
Release date : 2020/12/04
Version desc . : 1x12" Black Vinyl ,limited to 200 copies

As a departure from the zen philosophy of life and death, the stories from this album are based on the mythologies from the land where we were born. We were born on an island, the island has its old memories, the genesis, the flood, sun shooting… the memories that are deep in the islanders’ minds, gods coexisting with spirits, beasts familiarizing with humans, oceans bringing life and prosperity, the land giving birth to flesh and flowers. The intertwining stories that became the history of the island, passed down generations by generations, are the songs that cannot be forgotten. We have the pleasure to use these stories as the source of our creativity, and we hope more people will harmonize with the Myths of the Island. Knowing the island’s history, is the beginning to understand yourself. 



Tracklist :
1.Genesis 創世 05:08
2.Black Wings 黑翼之神 04:58
3.Two Burning Suns 射日 05:05
4.Colossus 巨人 04:29
5.Sacred Lake 鬼湖 04:15
6.Transformation 變獸 03:48
7.The Antlers 公鹿 04:27
8.The Deluge 洪水 04:03
9.Whale 鯨魚 04:33

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