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Possuído Pelo Cão-"Possessed In The Circle Pit" Tape (PMS-015)

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Country :Brazil
Genre : Thrash Metal/Crossover
Release date : June 6, 2021
Version desc . : MC Limited to 100 hand numberesd copies
Catalog # : PMS-015
Under License From Tulio (D.F.C.) ©℗ 2021

Yellow shell cassette tape direct shell print, 8-Panel J-card printed full color both sides with lyrics.

Side-project of members from Violator, D.F.C., Terror Revolucionário and friends.Their debut album "Possessed in the Circle Pit"(2008) will be first time on cassette format with 1 unreleased bonus track Limited edition to 100 hand numbered copies.

巴西鞭金/Crossover 樂團Possuído Pelo Cão (簡稱:P.P.C) ,由Violator、D.F.C.、Terror Revolucionário團員一起組成的編外計劃樂團。目前唯一的專輯"Possessed In The Circle Pit" (2008) 首次以錄音帶格式發行,並多加收一首未曾發行過的歌曲"Anarco-Money-Cops",全球限量手寫編號100卷。

Tracklist :

1.A Marcha Do Cão (The March Of D.O.G.) (1:32)
2.Ugly On The Inside Too (1:08)
3.Air Mail Surgery (1:43)
4.The Catholic Beast (1:03)
5.Possuido Pelo Cão (D.F.C. Cover) (0:42)
7.Too Fast To Die (1:42)
8.Anarco-Money-Cops 2012* (Unreleased bonus track) (2:19)

*Recorded and mixed on 01/05/2012 at Orbis Studio - Braslia, Df Brazil

SIDE CORE (11:57)

9.Toxic Possession (2:35)
10.Anarco-Cops (1:06)
11.Semen Churches (1:08)
12.Blame Satan (1:27)
13.Grey World (Attitude Adjustment Cover) 1:30
14.Mosh Jocks (0:49)
15.Possessed In The Circle Pit (3:22)

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