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Lee Q Wu - Right on CUE CD DIGI

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Country :Taiwan
Genre : Rock Instrument
Release date : 2023/04/16
Version desc . : 1 CD DIGIPAK

"Right On Cue" is an instrumental rock guitar album that showcases the artist’s growth and evolution as a musician. With a unique style, melodic sensibilities, and technical skills, the artist conveys his love for rock guitar through soaring solos, electrifying riffs, and intricate fretwork that will take listeners on a thrilling sonic ride. This album is not just a collection of songs, but a personal statement from the artist, a way to connect with listeners through the power of music. The artist hopes that "Right On Cue" will inspire listeners to embrace their own musical journey and appreciate the raw energy, melodic beauty of rock guitar. So sit back, turn up the volume, and let the electrifying sounds of "Right On Cue" take you on a journey you won't forget.

"Right On Cue" 《天時地利》是一張展現音樂家獨特的風格、旋律創作、和技術技巧的搖滾電吉他演奏專輯。藉由剽悍的吉他獨奏、令人振奮的旋律、和複雜的指板技巧,音樂演奏家帶領聽眾踏上一段扣人心弦的音樂之旅,展現出對搖滾樂類型的完美駕馭。這張專輯不僅是一張歌曲的合輯,更是音樂家個人的宣示,是他對搖滾吉他的熱情和對音樂工藝的奉獻。每首曲目中都能體現音樂家的技藝和音樂性,啟發聽眾欣賞搖滾吉他的原始能量和旋律美感。請坐好坐穩,把音量轉大,讓 "Right On Cue"《天時地利》 的令人振奮的聲音,帶您進入一個充滿音樂奇觀的世界。

Tracklist :

01. Breaking point

02. Right on CUE

03. Guitar heroes

04. Home, Love, My dearest

05. The Jurney without you

06. Till we meet again

07. Bring it on

08. We will slap you

09. Culture shock

10. Jump off the deep end

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