Black Pentagram (666% Hand Made) 黑色五芒星 (純666%手工廢鐵雕塑) – 陰府門 Pub Metal Shop - No.1 Heavy Metal Shop in Taiwan
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Black Pentagram (666% Hand Made) 黑色五芒星 (純666%手工廢鐵雕塑)

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黑色五芒星 (純666%手工廢鐵雕塑)

-材質 : 金屬

-重量 : 311 g

-尺寸 : 19 cm

Black Pentagram  (666% Hand Made)

-Material : Metal

-Weight : 311 g

-Size : 19 cm


陳德堃是一位自學焊接廢鐵雕塑的臺裔美國人藝術家。他很愛硬式搖滾和重金屬,且時常在作品中喜歡表達他對這種音樂的賞識。德堃也會化身為「G.Tso Money」的角色做舞台演出,有多次代表台灣去芬蘭參加世界空氣吉他冠軍賽並在2016年榮獲全球第六名的成績。他的目標之一是與當地的音樂家們合作來和全球各地分享台灣獨特的硬式搖滾和重⾦屬文化。

 Introducing the Artist

Dave Chen is a Taiwanese-American artist who taught himself to weld sculptures from salvaged steel. He loves hard rock and heavy metal music and enjoys expressing this in his artwork. Dave also gives live performances as “G. Tso Money” and represented Taiwan multiple times at the Air Guitar World Championships in Finland with a sixth overall ranking in 2016. One of his goals is to collaborate with local music artists to share a uniquely Taiwanese vision of the hard rock and metal culture with people around the world.

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