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[Pre-order] Violator - "Chemical Assault","Scenarios of Brutality" Tapes (+Snapback cap))

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Country : Brazil

Genre : Thrash Metal

Release date : December 1st, 2019

Version desc . : MC Limited to 150 copies per album

Catalog # : PMS-011,PMS-012

Under License From Kill Again Records ©℗ 2019

Pub metal shop is proud to release two great Violator's albums, "Chemical Assault" (2006) ,"Scenarios of Brutality" (2013) and Snapback cap, for first time these two albums on cassette format, will release on December 1st 2019. Violator is a thrash metal band from Brazil, no need to say much about their influences on the world scene for thrash metal, they are the true thrashers manic not only in music but also their attitudes and ways of minds against facists,Nazis scum,Police Bastards,Rip offs,while netal shit.


陰府門很榮幸的簽到Violator兩張經典專輯的錄音帶格式發行權,分別是2006年的"Chemical Assault"2013"Scenarios of Brutality"還有由陰府門獨家授權與設計的平沿棒球帽,將在2019121日發行。Violator是來自巴西的鞭金樂團,他們對世界鞭金場景的影響力在此不必多言,無非就是耳熟能詳。長期以來,堅持走地下Underground路線,做自己、有態度、單純、友誼、熱情與忠於自己。

"Chemical Assault" tracklist :

A1.   Atomic Nightmare  03:39

A2.   UxFxTx (United for Thrash)     

A3.   Destined to Die       

A4.   Addicted to Mosh    

A5.   Brainwash Possession     

B6.   Ordered to Thrash  

B7.   Toxic Death     

B8.   Lethal Injection       

B9.   The Plague Returns 

B10. After Nuclear Devastation      

"Scenarios of Brutality" tracklist :

A1.   Echoes of Silence

A2.   Endless Tyrannies    

A3.   Dead to This World

A4.   Respect Existence or Expect Resistance

A5.   Waiting to Exhale    

B6.   Death Descends (Upon This World)        

B7.   Colors of Hate 

B8.   No Place for the Cross

B9.   Unstoppable Slaughter

Snapback cap
-Officially licensed merchandise , design by Pub Metal Shop

-High quality stitching
-Three location print (all print are embroidery)





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