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Necroabbot-Hell Torment Tape

NT$ 200.00

來自台灣的NECROABBOT (死屍方丈)樂團首張正式專輯。台灣 Crust Death Metal 樂團NECROABBOT(曾用名 BITCH FINDER),2015年初發行首張全長專輯 Hell Torment 。該樂團風格非常類似早期瑞典老派死亡, Dismember, Entombed...

Debut full-length from this young force from Taiwan. Pure d-beat mayhem in vein of HELLSHOCK or GUIDED CRADLE. Pro-tape done by Eerie Hint Productions, limited to 100 copies and containing OBI strip.

Country : Taiwan
Genre : Death Metal/Crust
Release date : June 22nd, 2018 

Released from Eerie Hint Productions

Tracklist :

1.Hell Storm

2.Evil Domination 03:38


4.Rise From Graves

5.Outbreak of Disorder

6.Bitch Finder 03:13

7.Whores of The Wasteland

8.Black Wolf, Pussy And Motherfucker 03:50

9.Apocalyptic Doom

10.Escape The Chains