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HELLOWEEN-United alive 2Blu-ray Digi

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Country : Germany
Genre :Power/Speed Metal
Release date : October 4th, 2019
Version desc . :  2Blu-ray Digi (雙片藍光精裝版)  

2017和2018年,德國力量/速度金屬HELLOWEEN做了“Pumpkins United(南瓜聯邦)”世界巡演,經典時期的前主唱Michael Kiske和吉它手Kai Hansen加入其中。 10月4日,西班牙馬德里的現場演出將發表為DVD/藍光《現場/活著聯合》(United Alive)。 

Track listTotal runtime
1- Halloween (Live)13:29
2- Dr. Stein (Live)5:47
3- I'm alive (Live)3:23
4- If I could fly (Live)4:13
5- Are you metal? (Live)4:19
6- Rise and fall (Live)4:22
7- Waiting for the thunder (Live)4:04
8- Perfect gentleman (Live)4:26
9- Starlight
10- Forever and one (Live)4:32
11- A tale that wasn't right (Live)6:09
12- I can (Live)4:48
13- Pumpkins united (Live)6:28
14- Drumkins united (Live)4:50
15- Livin' ain't no crime / A little time (Medley) (Live)6:38
16- Why (Live)4:32
17- Sole survivor (Live)5:15
18- Power (Live)4:16
19- How many tears (Live)10:58
20- Invitation / Eagly fly free (Medley) (Live)7:55
21- Keeper of the seven keys (Live)20:13
22- Mos-Kai-To (Live)2:38
23- Future world (Live)4:46
24- I want out (Live)9:08
25- Outro / Credits (Live)4:59

Track listTotal runtime
1- Halloween (Live)13:35
2- Dr. Stein (Live)5:29
3- Kids of the century (Live)4:08
4- March of time (Live)5:27
5- Pumpkin's whisper35:27
6- Bursting Hamburg1:59
7- The essential LED compilation17:09
8- Seth & Doc - The united thing12:04
9- The keeper's journey1:19

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