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Fatal Soul Burning Still A Fatal Ret 2LP.jpg

Fatal-Soul Burning Still A Fatal Ret 2LP

NT$ 1,080.00

Country : USA
Genre : Death/Thrash Metal
Release date : 2017
Version desc . : 2x12” Black vinyl

Tracklist :

"Guts For Dinner" Demo
1.Immortal Aggression
2.Eternal Torment
3.Guts For Dinner
4.Only Death Is Real
5.The Re-Animation

"Fatal" Demo
6.Molested Slaughter
7.Power Of Destruction
8.Living Death
9.Raped In The Grave
10.Blood Frenzy

"Soul Burns" Demo
11.Nailed To The Unknown
12.Guts For Dinner
13.Decomposure Beneath
14.Soul Burns

"A Somber Evocation Of Nihilism" 7" EP
17.No Dream To Believe