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Country : Sweden
Genre : Melodic Black Metal (early), Melodic Death Metal (later)
Release date : April 2nd, 2018
Version desc . : MC
Type : Compilation

Side A
1.Shadows over a Lost Kingdom  02:49  
2.Frozen  03:28  
3.Feathers Fell  00:52
4.Son of the Mourning  03:25  
5.Mistress of the Bleeding Sorrow  04:39  
6.In the Cold Winds of Nowhere  04:00  
Side B
7.Into Infinite Obscurity  01:04  instrumental
8.The Call of the Mist  03:59
9.Severed into Shreds  04:27
10.Satanized  02:54  
11.Born in Fire  02:40

Classic Dissection material, what more can you ask for? Are you one of those people who simply has to have the original pressing of every album? And you have been searching for esteemed Swedish Melodic Black Metal band Dissection's first two, and extremely rare, demos entitled Into Infinite Obscurity and The Grief Prophet? You could search forever but will have no success.

That album that compiles the songs from both Into Infinite Obscurity and The Grief Prophecy, as well as tracks from the promo album for The Somberlain is in re-press now. Also included are two interesting tracks from a side project in which frontman Jon Nodtveidt played in entitled Satanized.