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國內 :

我們會確認所有批發客戶都是為了商業目的而購買商品。 所以我們會在處理每個申請時要求商業證明。 商業證明可以採用其他交易用途(貿易參考)譬如說:名片、網路(拍賣購物平台、自家官網)..等等。如果您可以將這些信息提供給 pubmetal@gmail.com,我們將非常樂意繼續您的申請。

批發條件 : 每筆訂單最低金額 : 新台幣伍仟元整 (含運費)

下單方式與步驟 : 

1.一律從本網站 (所以必須註冊一個帳號) ,請把購買商品加入至購物車

2.結帳方式請選擇"check out" > Pick up(超商純取貨) 。先不用付款。





for International businesses :

We would need to confirm that all of our customers are purchasing items for trade purposes.  Due to this we would request proof of trade when processing each application.  Proof of trade can be in the format of other wholesale companies (trade references), business card, letterhead or even a website excluding eBay.

 If you can supply any of this information to pubmetal@gmail.com we will be more than happy to continue with your application.

- $5000 TWD(aprox. $170 USD) minimum per order , plus International shipping cost and paypal fee 5.5%

- The Order will send it from Taiwan Postal Service

- The buyer is responsible for all customs charges and taxes.

- For International Orders, we accept for Paypal and Credit card

* If you have a good product, we also can to trade

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