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[Pre-order] EPICA-Omega EARBOOK

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Country : Netherlands
Genre : Symphonic Metal
Release date : February 26th, 2021 

荷蘭交響金屬EPICA將於2021年2月26日通過Nuclear Blast廠牌發行他們的新專輯“ Omega”。延續著2016年的"The Holographic Principle" 再次由製作人Joost Van Den Broek 操刀(POWERWOLF, AYREON) 。在10月7日已經釋出一首單曲“ Abyss Of Time”,並與Grupa 13合作製作的MV。

• "OMEGA" CDx1
• "Accoustic"版本 CDx1
• "管弦樂團" 版本 CDx1
• "純樂器演奏" 版本 CDx1

Tracklis :

1-1Alpha - Anteludium -1:38
1-2Abyss Of Time - Countdown To Singularity -5:20
1-3The Skeleton Key 5:06
1-4Seal Of Solomon 5:28
1-5Gaia 4:46
1-6Code Of Life 5:58
1-7Freedom - The Wolves Within -5:37
1-8Kingdom Of Heaven ~ Part III - The Antediluvian Universe -13:24
1-9Rivers 4:48
1-10Synergize - Manic Manifest -6:56
1-11Twilight Reverie - The Hypnagogic State - 4:29
1-12Omega - Sovereign Of The Sun Spheres -7:06

2-1Rivers - A Capella 4:34
2-2Abyss Of Time 4:13
2-3OmegAcoustic 4:29
2-4El Código Vital 3:50

Opus Omega
3-1Alpha - Anteludium - (Orchestral Version)1:38
3-2Abyss Of Time - Countdown To Singularity - (Orchestral Version)5:07
3-3The Skeleton Key (Orchestral Version)5:06
3-4Seal Of Solomon (Orchestral Version)5:29
3-5Gaia (Orchestral Version)4:19
3-6Code Of Life (Orchestral Version)5:59
3-7Freedom - The Wolves Within - (Orchestral Version)5:37
3-8Kingdom Of Heaven - Part III - The Antediluvian Universe (Orchestral Version)13:04
3-9Rivers (Orchestral Version)4:48
3-10Synergize - Manic Manifest - (Orchestral Version)6:57
3-11Twilight Reverie - The Hypnagogic State - (Orchestral Version)4:14
3-12Omega - Sovereign Of The Sun Spheres - (Orchestral Version)6:53

Omega Instrumental
4-1Alpha - Anteludium - (Instrumental Version)1:38
4-2Abyss Of Time - Countdown To Singularity - (Instrumental Version)5:20
4-3The Skeleton Key (Instrumental Version)5:06
4-4Seal Of Solomon (Instrumental Version)5:28
4-5Gaia (Instrumental Version)4:46
4-6Code Of Life (Instrumental Version)5:58
4-7Freedom - The Wolves Within - (Instrumental Version)5:37
4-8Kingdom Of Heaven - Part III - The Antediluvian Universe (Instrumental Version)13:24
4-9Rivers (Instrumental Version)4:48
4-10Synergize - Manic Manifest - (Instrumental Version)6:56
4-11Twilight Reverie - The Hypnagogic State - (Instrumental Version)4:29
4-12Omega - Sovereign Of The Sun Spheres - (Instrumental Version)7:06

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