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Bloody Tyrant(暴君)-HAGAKURE / 葉隱 CD

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暴君2018年發行新專輯《HAGAKURE》,完全轉型新曲風,一改過往的高速、衝擊,轉變為帶有日本孤峭禪意的民謠金屬團。 新專輯《HAGAKURE》,論武士心性,論死亡哲學,也客觀寫下對武士道的反芻與省思。 

Bloody Tyrant's upcoming album HAGAKURE, set to be released in 2018, has differed from the previous fast, aggressive musical direction, and has instead changed into more of a folk metal influence while exploring the mysterious sense of Japanese zen style. The new album HAGAKURE talks about the minds of the samurai, philosophy of life and death, and subjectively ruminate and reflect upon the ways of the samurai.

Country : Taiwan
Genre : Black/Folk Metal
Release date : June 1nd, 2018
Version desc . : CD BOX

Tracklist :

1.步入虛空 Pace Into The Void
2.葉隱 In The Shade Of Leaves
3.無心 Empty Mind
4.劍理 Blade Philosophy
5.不畏死 Facing Death
6.與世別離 Ceremony of Suicide
7.悲傷之塔 Tower of Sadness
8.反芻 Reflection

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